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More Hard Work A Few More Heroes

Written: David Harcombe

The long awaited sequel to
Work Them Hard
Treat Them Like Heroes

More Hard Work
A Few More Heroes
by David Harcombe

An account of dogs and digging in the author’s early years. Eventful. Hilarious. Solemn.  A detailed account of early dogs and early errors as the learning experience unfolded. Different times in a much different world.
If you hunt or dig you may empathise with much of this and be reminded of less demanding times when terriermen were regarded as highly as any field sportsman.
Hard back cover, with plenty of colour photographs in 216 tightly packed pages.
What they said about Work Them Hard, Treat Them Like Heroes

“It’s the best terrier book I have ever read, and it will go down as a classic.
I can’t praise it highly enough. Superb” Richard Christian

“It is the greatest single work, of the highest class… it is by far the best terrier book I have
ever read. I know you won’t be disappointed and I am certain this book will be rated
as No.1 by terriermen for many years to come” J. Darcy

“Just at a time when I thought that good, honest, down to earth Working Terrier books had seen
their day, you come up with this truly classic. Work Them Hard is a masterpiece” Chipper

U.K. - £25.00

Ireland & Europe - £30.00

Rest of the World - £35.00


Written: David Harcombe

Volume 6 | May 2007 to July 2010

The latest book in this excellent series runs to 350 pages and vividly tells of David Harcombe’s personal experiences while hunting and working with terriers as recorded through his articles in Earth Dog-Running Dog magazine from May 2007 to July 2010. Profusely illustrated with many great colour photos.
Read how the control of foxes by traditional methods thrives in the communities of rural Wales in spite of the effects of the notorious Hunting Ban.
Be among the first to get hold of volume 6. Complete and return this form and post, together with payment direct to the address below.

“This, the sixth in the series, will make a fine addition to a very collectible set.”

Volume 6, priced at £30 (includes p&p to UK address),(add £5 for Eire & Europe)

Inc. U.K. P&P - £30.00

Ireland & Europe - £35.00

A Terrierman Life Volume 4

Written: David Harcombe

New from Fieldfare

August 2000 to February 2004

More than 350 pages, a total of 46 articles written by David Harcombe from 1997 to 2000 which appeared in the magazine, Earth Dog-Running Dog.

This is the fourth volume of a series in which all the author’s earlier writings are gathered, in sequence, into annual volumes with up to date colour photographs and comments added.

“This, the fourth in the series, will make a fine addition to a very collectible set.”

This book will also be available from our stand at the Welsh Game Fair on June 14th and 15th. See you there.

Inc. U.K. P&P - £30.00

Europe & Ireland - £35.00

Rest of the World - £40.00

The Great Game

Written: Harold Wyman

Much sought after and now in its second printing this is the story of Harold Wyman, the Life & Times of a Welsh Poacher. Detailed descriptions of poaching methods and the quarry and the larger than life characters who plied their trade by night. Includes photographs and diagrams to aid with snaring and netting of all types. Indispensable. A wonderful account of the life of Harold Wyman who passed away shortly after seeing his book reach publication.166 packed pages with a hard wearing, coloured laminated cover. Now offered at the special low price of £16 including UK postage. Overseas, £25 Snap it up!

Inc. U.K. P&P - £16.00

Inc. Overseas P&P - £25.00

The World of The Working Terrier

Written: David Harcombe

First published in 1989 this remains among the most popular and best selling of working terrier books, now in its fourth edition. 210 pages, many photographs. Hard wearing laminated colour covers.

Inc. U.K. P&P - £25.00

Inc. Overseas P&P - £30.00

Every Man’s Hand

Written: David Harcombe

Published in 1992 there are only a few copies left of this well written book. Set in the period between the two World Wars, this is a novel on the life of a fox and the hunter and terrier that cross his path. Very readable and true to life, this book is not fantasy but based on fact and actual events. A true and accurate account of the life of a fox and the pursuit and hard living which has done much to shape its character. Two main animal characters, Cadno, the fox, and Bruiser the terrier, his mortal enemy. A great read. 150 pages with outstanding evocative drawings and complete with colour jacket.

Inc. U.K. P&P - £15.00

Inc. Overseas P&P - £20.00

The Working Terrier Year – Books 1987-1991

Written: David Harcombe

This is a compilation of the much sought after, now out of print Working Terrier Year Book series, volumes 4 to 8 for the years 1987 to 1991 Its all there in one excellent volume of 424 pages. Great value. Hard wearing, laminated colour covers.

Inc. U.K. P&P - £25.00

Inc. Overseas P&P - £30.00