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The long awaited sequel to
Work Them Hard
Treat Them Like Heroes

More Hard Work
A Few More Heroes
by David Harcombe

An account of dogs and digging in the author’s early years. Eventful. Hilarious. Solemn.  A detailed account of early dogs and early errors as the learning experience unfolded. Different times in a much different world.
If you hunt or dig you may empathise with much of this and be reminded of less demanding times when terriermen were regarded as highly as any field sportsman.
Hard back cover, with plenty of colour photographs in 216 tightly packed pages.
What they said about Work Them Hard, Treat Them Like Heroes

“It’s the best terrier book I have ever read, and it will go down as a classic.
I can’t praise it highly enough. Superb” Richard Christian

“It is the greatest single work, of the highest class… it is by far the best terrier book I have
ever read. I know you won’t be disappointed and I am certain this book will be rated
as No.1 by terriermen for many years to come” J. Darcy

“Just at a time when I thought that good, honest, down to earth Working Terrier books had seen
their day, you come up with this truly classic. Work Them Hard is a masterpiece” Chipper

U.K. - £25.00

Ireland & Europe - £30.00

Rest of the World - £35.00

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